Sep 092011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

This week’s song selection goes from gentle folkie (Bon Iver) to metal legends (Judas Priest) and back again (Damien Rice). It also digs up a chestnut from super obscure punk band the Mission 120 and a “classic” from the somewhat less-obscure Backstreet Boys. Download ‘em all below.

Houston chillwave artist Byé Lai Mar has been trying to record as many covers as possible this summer and they’re all up on his Bandcamp. He tackles genre mainstays like Neon Indian and Zola Jesus, sure, but this abrupt departure on an old Bon Iver tune proves the most revelatory.

It’s Friday, so what better time to relive your preteen days with a Backstreet Boys cover? Florida dubstep duo MRK&JMY keep the dance beat loud, giving it a slight industrial edge without taking it out of the club.

Judas Priest may have been a metal band, but the high camp quotient of their look could have easily been modified for the disco floor. If they tried, this is what it might sound like. The glam surges forward without losing the harder edge.

The second falsetto-folkie cover of the bunch begins with that dark piano riff, then builds with strings, harmonies, and (tasteful) vocal effects. It makes us wish Damien Rice would hurry up and release another album already. It’s been five years!

A deeply obscure punk band from Boston, the Mission 120 released on EP in 1999 then disappeared. Colleen Green somehow tracked down a copy of that EP and recorded her garage take on one of the songs. It pushes the needle way into the red, so be careful not to blow your speakers out.

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