Sep 202011

Quickies rounds up new can’t-miss covers. Download ‘em below.

When some people get high, their biggest accomplishment may be finishing a family-size pack of Cool Ranch Doritos. When Nathan Williams of Wavves smokes up, though, he records covers. Hence the unexpected Sonic Youth cover he tweeted last week.
MP3: Wavves – 100% (Sonic Youth cover)

Montreal’s No Joy covered the Shangri-Las’ relative deep cut “He Cried” for Associated Electronic Recordings’ debut 7”. It distorts and wails over a six-minute psychedelic groove.
MP3: No Joy – He Cried (The Shangri-Las cover)

Psychic TV present a formidable discography for the beginner. In the ‘80s, they even set a Guinness-certified record for how quickly they released albums (14 live albums in 18 months). “Godstar” seems an obvious entry point, particularly in the psych-pop envisioning of Brooklyn trio Dinowalrus.
MP3: Dinowalrus – Godstar (Psychic TV cover)

SYFFAL’s Pop Cultures Collide series is fast becoming a Cover Me favorite. In the latest installment, self-proclaimed “Muppet rock” trio Gashcat pay homage to the great Labyrinth with the soundtrack’s most enduring song. Read about the pick here.
MP3: Gashcat – As the World Falls Down (David Bowie cover)

“Teenage Dream” was one of the most-covered songs of summer 2010, but it lives on a year later with this lo-fi pop cover. See if you catch the line change after “No regrets” (hint: it makes explicit what Katy Perry was really talking about).
MP3: Orca Orca – Teenage Dream (Katy Perry cover)

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