Sep 282011

Two free new cover EPs to direct you to today. The first comes from Roberts & Lord, a duo that met by trolling Myspace. Ex-Simian singer Simon Lord (the voice of that “We Are You Friends” song) stumbled across California producer Rafter Roberts while looking for a collaborator online and they decided to work together. The electronic experimenters soon found themselves a home on Asthmatic Kitty – aka Sufjan Stevens’ record label – and released full-lengthy debut Eponymous and this free COVERS EP. Download two tracks below (including a must-hear “Because”), then grab the full thing here.

MP3: Roberts and Lord – Because (The Beatles cover)
[audio: News0911/28Because.mp3]

: Roberts and Lord – The Root (D’Angelo cover)
[audio: News0911/28TheRoot.mp3]

Next up: La Resistance. This Alabama trio released their debut in February (also free) and promised to follow up with a covers EP. Here it is. The Candidate tackles five songs by obvious post-punk influences, from Joy Division to Gang of Four. The songs lie in a comfortable middle between fresh and familiar, neither too obscure nor too clichéd. Download two tracks below, then grab the full thing here.

MP3: La Resistance – Cries and Whispers (New Order cover)
[audio: News0911/28CriesandWhispers.mp3|artists=La Resistance|titles=Cries and Whispers]

: La Resistance – What We All Want (Gang of Four cover)
[audio: News0911/28WhatWeAllWant.mp3|artists=La Resistance|titles=What We All Want]

Download Roberts and Lord’s ‘COVERS EP’ here and La Resistance’s ‘The Candidate’ here.

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