Aug 192011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

This week’s set puts goth cello up against grunge noise, orchestral pomp against folksy throwback. It also features a couple familiar faces. Download our favorite Bandcamp tracks this week below.

Budapest lo-fi duo Artofarto brings an endearingly grungy dissonance to this PJ Harvey cover. Guitars squall and drums thud, but the surprisingly pretty harmonies keep the clatter grounded in melody.

Pop cellist Unwoman keeps releasing songs from her upcoming album Uncovered and we keep loving ‘em. Her new version of Real Life’s dark-pop hit “Send Me an Angel” will make you fall back in love with a song you forgot existed. Her accompanying story about goth-clubbing in her teens is worth a read as well.

Has it been long enough for you to enjoy “Poker Face” covers again? Good. If you suffer from Born This Way burnout, this delicate folk-pop version of one of Lady Gaga’s earliest hits may help remind you why we all care in the first place.

We first discovered HURTS via Kylie Minogue’s cover of “Wonderful Life.” Huge across the pond, lovable dance-pop duo HURTS haven’t quite made the same impact here. Constant covers (exhibit b: Catherine A.D.’s “Better Than Love”) may help to change that. Here, Tristan Irvine, who we heard cover the Killers in April, makes a grand orchestral statement on “Sunday.”

For his buddy’s birthday, the Small Planets’ Ben Moy recorded an EP of Neil Young covers. They’re all over the map, but this grand, choir-inflected version of “Western Hero” may make you reexamine Young’s oft-overlooked ‘90s work.

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