Aug 082011

Last month, we heard the first cut from upcoming John Martyn tribute album Johnny Boy Would Love This. Today we have seven more to check out, from some of the album’s heaviest hitters. John Martyn may not be a household name, but these cuts should help breathe new life into many near-forgotten gems.

First up, Beck returns from semi-seclusion to cover Martyn’s beautiful “Stormbringer.” The Swell Season bring their always-tender harmonies to “I Don’t Wanna Know.” Snow Patrol, a less obvious choice, earn their place with a spacey “May You Never.” Paolo Nutini, Vetiver, David Gray, and Skye Edwards round out the set. Listen to all seven below.

Beck – Stormbringer (John Martyn cover)

The Swell Season – I Don’t Wanna Know (John Martyn cover)

Snow Patrol – May You Never (John Martyn cover)

Paolo Nutini – One World (John Martyn cover)

Vetiver – Go Easy (John Martyn cover)

David Gray – Let the Good Things Come (John Martyn cover)

Skye Edwards – Solid Air (John Martyn cover)

‘Johnny Boy Would Love This’ drops August 16th. Preorder it on Amazon.

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  1. I eagerly await delivery of my copy of this. From the samples above it sounds like a fabulous tribute album. I particularly like Snao Patrol’s, Skye Edwards’s and Paolo Nutini’s covers. I’m wondering what Lisa Hannigan’s cover of Couln’t love you more will be like. Anticipation!

  2. I’m still waiting for my copy too. I’m disappointed it isn’t here yet. The tracks on here are fabulous though.

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