Aug 162011

Sweden’s synth-pop trio Miike Snow have a knack for catchy, melodic tunes built on simple chord progressions, which mixed with a dose of indie cred makes the perfect recipe for covers. With his cover of “Animal,” Australian singer/songwriter Edward Deer takes the Snow single away from the dance party and back to the intimate empty bedroom, peeling away the percussive bass and synth lines in favor of more introspective instrumentation.

The cover starts with some Leonard Cohen-style acoustic guitar picking, with new layers of drum patterns and instrumental riffs dropping in every eight measures, a telltale sign that Deer is using a loop pedal to build the tracks out of captured samples. This technique, as popularized by the likes of Andrew Bird, KT Tunstall, Bon Iver and one-man jam band Keller Williams, has become popular amongst D.I.Y. musicians thanks to the introduction of new and increasingly affordable technology, allowing anyone to create layered harmonies and percussion without a full band. In this cover Deer uses the looping with a welcome sense of subtlety, bringing in new samples that don’t call attention to themselves or the technique so that the listener feels a surge of sound without being consciously aware of the technology behind it. Check out the track below.

MP3: Edward Deer – Animal (Miike Snow cover)

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Check out more from Edward Deer on his Facebook Page.

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  1. Gorgeous cover – where can I hear more Edward Deer?

  2. he’s got a blog where you can get a free song every month this year –

    Or there’s his facebook page which has some streams on it.

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