Jul 012011

Quickies rounds up new can’t-miss covers. Download ‘em below.

The upcoming Beat L.A. comp raises money for Doctors Without Borders’ work in Haiti through new covers. The first listen is Crystal Antlers, doing a grungy punk version of Black Randy and the Metrosquad’s 1980 track “I Slept in an Arcade.”
MP3: Crystal Antlers – I Slept in an Arcade (Black Randy and the Metrosquad cover)

It’s a regular adorable-animal-band-name hugathon when a group called Pepper Rabbit covers one called Miniature Tigers. This dream-pop cover steers just clear of being too cute, with tasteful production and a bass line that sneaks up on you. Download the whole EP here.
MP3: Pepper Rabbit – Gold Skull (Miniature Tigers cover)

Vital Sign were a Pakistani pop group in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Their lyrics may be in Urdu, but the production is easy-listening cheese equally dated in any culture. Fellow Pakistani group SYMT deliver a much less tacky acoustic cover of Vital Sign’s “Ye Shaam” that serves to introduce two Pakistani groups at once.
MP3: SYMT – Ye Shaam (Vital Signs cover)

Berlinist recorded this brief piano cover of “Not in Love” apparently thinking it was a Crystal Castles and Robert Smith song. And it is, but that 2010 blog hit was itself a cover of this 1983 Platinum Blonde tune. On piano, it proves a little less hair metal-y.
MP3: Berlinist – Not in Love (Platinum Blonde cover)

This one’s like a guilty pleasure squared. The original New Edition version was tacky radio R&B-pop for the ‘80s and 2AM Club takes it into tacky R&B-pop for the new millennium. Still terrible, still hard to resist.
MP3: 2AM Club – If It Isn’t Love (New Edition cover)

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