Jul 152011

There’s not a regular picture of brand-new New York band Ms Mr at the top of this post because there aren’t any regular pictures of Ms Mr. The duo has decided to conceal their identities until the release of their debut album and their inaugural show in the fall. In the mean time, they’ve been busy offering a carefully curated list of artistic influences to curious journalists and offering the teaser EP Ghost City USA on Bandcamp. The EP, now available as a free download, includes a cover of Patrick Wolf’s 2010 single “Time of My Life.”

It’s hard to know what to expect from a band that cites novel House of Leaves as a musical influence and fills a Tumblr with eerie photography, but Ms Mr is likely to be a pleasant surprise no matter what listeners anticipate. Their sound is equal parts elegant and energetic, with a polish and focus that’s remarkable considering they formed only six months ago. They dial back the string-embellished drama of Wolf’s track without losing any of its urgency, reshaping it with a wash of instruments that is as carefully interwoven as the works that inspire them. The vocals show a husky strength that hints of Florence + the Machine potential, especially when they take center stage during the bridge. This cover is a promising start that should get listeners excited to hear more from Ms Mr – and find out who the heck they are.

MP3: Ms Mr – Time of My Life (Patrick Wolf cover)

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Hear more from Ms Mr and download their debut EP on Bandcamp.

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  1. How do I download this track? :)

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