Jul 052011

Nu-metal titans Linkin Park take a lot of flack, most of it entirely deserved. When we saw they covered Adele’s breakout smash “Rolling in the Deep” at London’s iTunes Festival over the weekend, we got ready to laugh. Would it be a rap-rock atrocity? A techno-laced shredder? None of the above. In fact, it’s what we expected least of all: good.

The band strips down to the core of lead singer Chester Bennington and producer Mike Shinoda on piano. It’s a powerful performance, one that comes as quite a surprise to those of us only familiar with their radio hits. Bennington unleashes a soulful falsetto we didn’t know he had in him, with a crowd roaring along on the chorus. This doesn’t redeem everything else the band has done, but still, credit where credit is due. For today at least, we’re all Linkin Park fans. Check out the pro-shot video below.

Linkin Park – Rolling in the Deep (Adele cover)


Check out more Linkin Park at their website and Myspace.

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  6 Responses to “Linkin Park Doesn’t Suck on “Rolling in the Deep””

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  1. I don’t think its fair to be so surprised by Chester’s rendition. He is a classically trained vocalist.

  2. I agree with you Kelly but what get me is the way this article makes linkin park sound like a bad band and is a complete joke. This isn’t the first time Chester bennington has performed a song that showed how exceptional his vocals are. Chester is awesome and Ive been a fan since the beginning.

  3. Absolutely atrocious article. The level of unnecessary bias and plain insults aimed at what is arguably one of the most influential and loved bands of the last decade is at best pathetic and at worst a representation of the cancerous ideologies found rampant throughout society, especially online.

    Haters gonna hate, and others will hate on the haters.

  4. How much bias would you like to place into an article? Linkin Park may not be perfect, but who is? They have done a hell of a lot for the industry, most poignantly by trying to keep to “their” sound whilst recognising the need for advancement. They are a hell of a lot more genuine than many bands out there – if they like something, they do it. Sure, it’s got them burned, but the music industry is a lot better off with them, and without biased articles such as this.

  5. Linkin Park is my fav band, they are amazing and Chester Bennington is a living legend with his beautiful voice. This song is good.

  6. Tell me what your favorite band/singer and I’ll find a way to destroy it, is all about perception. But you couldn’t at least be somewhat objective about the band music or success, nah, you had to go full retard and do a hater scene online.

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