Jul 062011

In a display of the power of the Internet, a homeless Denver musician has earned hundreds of thousands of views for his new cover of Prince and The Revolution’s “Purple Rain.” Dred Scott, assisted by musician, producer, and cover artist Tyler Ward, recorded the cover for a seven-song acoustic EP Live From 16th Street Mall. Ward tells the story:

It was a late friday evening in Denver when I heard Mr. Dred Scott playing music from a street corner. After chatting with Dred and hearing his story, I asked if I could feature him on my channel. He didn’t understand the concept, but he agreed to it anyway. A few days later, we found him on 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver where we proceeded to record him live. We came up with a 7 song EP and decided that itunes sales would help out our new friend. We won’t be paying him in cash, but we will be using it to provide food, clothing and more as long as the tracks keep selling.

Check out the sweet acoustic guitar version of “Purple Rain” in the video filmed during the recording session on 16th Street Mall in Denver, CO. Make sure to head over to iTunes to buy the EP and support Dred Scott.

Dred Scott – Purple Rain (Prince and the Revolution cover)

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  1. Thanks to the many people who have support Dred Scott; we are working hard and his first CD will be for sale in three weeks with all his original material and it is great. CBS producer stated this shall go Platinum very quickly. A small sample is on our site at http://hislovestreet.com/ also join us on face book and his Debut is in Denver September 28th 2011 at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret.

  2. Finally!! Dred D. Scott’s first single is on sale now and his Full CD will be on sale October 1st 2011.
    His Love Corporation-H.I.S Label.
    Watch for us next week on CBS “The Early Show”.

  3. Support Dred’s music on CD Baby..Trials and Tribulations on Trey Noran’s label H.I.S.

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