Jun 252011

This weekend Wilco curate their second annual Massachusetts music festival Solid Sound. To celebrate the occasion, they sold a 7” of two new songs at the festival (they’ll be available digitally on July 18th). The tunes are the first on Wilco’s new label dBpm. To mark their new independence, in addition to the original A-side “I Might” (which you can hear here), they covered Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label” on the B-side.

“Oh, yes!” Jeff Tweedy cries at the beginning of this track, just as Lowe did in the original. It’s a joyful country rocker that swings along with a tasty guitar solo. This recording comes from a free download coupon included with the record. Stream it below.

Stream: Wilco – I Love My Label (Nick Lowe cover)
[audio: News0611/25ILoveMyLabel.mp3]

Check out more Wilco at their website.

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