Jun 282011

Just last week we commented on the fact that, despite his apparent retirement from music, Justin Timberlake keeps generating new covers with his limited catalog. We’ve heard a Brooklyn brass-punk band take on “My Love,” but now we venture further south. Down in Brazil, “jazz-rock-swing-romantique-cool-cabaret-experimental” (their description) septet Baleia recoded a swinging cover of Timberlake’s “What Goes Around…Comes Around.”

The video, directed by J.P. Garcia, finds the group grooving away in various tropical-looking Rio de Janeiro locales. It’s part of a Brazilian series called “Cover Flow,” which Google Translate stops just short of helping us understand. The series (festival?) has a YouTube page though, so hopefully more covers will be forthcoming. Until then, enjoy this sassy Timberlake tune.

Baleia – What Goes Around…Comes Around (Justin Timberlake cover)

Check out more Baleia at Facebook.

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  1. I’m Brazilian and by what I read on their facebook page it was a themed night at a club in Rio de Janeiro. The theme was covers we didn’t know existed or that they were covers. The first one happened Saturday and they said they are planning another one. Fosfobox is the name of the club where it happened. The video you posted was made by the band that’s probably organizing it all (it didn’t say that, but I’m assuming since they are promoting it), and that cover was made to promote the party.
    I hope I wasn’t too confusing in my explanation. I might be wrong also, since I had no idea that this existed and the explanation on their facebook page is awful.

  2. Howdy!

    Baleia is a relatively new “jazz-rock-etc” band. The band was invited to promote the 1st edition of the party Cover Flow (that’s how the video was made! ;). The seven members are quite interchangeable in their instruments, but for the most part… Gabriel Vaz (vocals), Maria Luiza Jobim (vocals), Sofia Vaz (vocals), Felipe Ventura (guitar/violin), David Rosenblit (piano/keyboard), Cairê Rego (bass), João Da Rua (drums).

    Look for “Baleia Banda” on Facebook and Youtube.

    P.S.: On this music video, although the song was played and recorded by the seven musicians, only five appear. Due to health issues and business commitments Maria Luiza Jobim (vocal) and João Pessanha (drums) weren’t able to participate on the day of the shooting
    : )

    Big thanks to Ray Padgett!



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