Jun 092011

For those of you who lived through and actually remember the ’80s, you will recall New Order as the ultimate soundtrack to the most messed up nights of your life. You know, a drink or four, spinning around on a dancefloor, and then passing out in the parking lot, all to the tune of “Bizarre Love Triangle.” Those were, apparently, the days.

Well now you folks reside comfortably in the suburbs with your SUVs and 2.5 kids, denying that those things ever happened. But never fear, the French electronic label Kitsune still puts out music to get wasted to. One of their artists, Autokratz, recently released this update of the New Order classic “Temptation.” So, give the track a spin and remind yourself of those halcyon days. For those too young to remember those times, just try to imagine your mind-numbingly boring and over-the-hill parents getting freaky to this. Or, on second thought, maybe not.

Autokratz – Temptation (New Order cover)

Check out more Autokratz on their website.

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