May 262011

In a time when the Middle East is even less stable than usual, Victoria Faiella brings us an Arabian-themed cover of Black Sabbath’s classic anti-war song. Replacing the guitar and bass with sitar and violin changes the tone from angry to haunting, and Faiella’s vocals contribute to this effect, especially when she wails “oh yeah” at the end of the second verse.

From there it gets crazier. The sitar solo rivals the original guitar solo for sheer awesomeness. She first released a demo of the song last year, but this final version appears on Faiella’s new CD, Wild Butterfly. Check it out below.

Stream: Victoria Faiella – War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)

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Check our more from Victoria Faiella at her Facebook page.

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  2 Responses to “Victoria Faiella Delivers Sitar-Infused “War Pigs””

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  1. nice rendition of the tune; but ‘poster/reviewer’ sugarman needs work:
    Middle Eastern – yes; Ararbian-themed – maybe; but there is NO sitar on this cut, let alone a solo.

  2. I just figured I would chime in to clarify :)

    In response to rislac:

    Hi! Thank you for taking the time to check it out and I’m glad that you liked this rendition! I have found that many people’s initial impression is that there is sitar on the recording. Personally I feel it is the Persian Santur (hammered dulcimer) that they are hearing although it could be the way that Barry Hartglass wrote the string quartet arrangement with a lot of exaggerated sliding that ‘somewhat’ emulates that sound.

    There is a subtle sitar drone in the solo section that is not listed in the album credits below:

    Victoria Faiella – Indian Bells, Cymbal Chokes
    Jason Crosby – Fiddle Solos
    Barry Hartglass – Drum & Percussion Programming, Duduk, Zourna & Persian Santur Samples
    Dave Anthony – Drums, Dumbek, Djembes, Tabla, Bayan, Riq, Frame Drum
    Antoine Silverman – Violin
    Jonathan Dinklage – Viola
    Dave Eggar – Cello
    Gregg August – Double Bass

    Hope this helps!

    By the way, here is a link to a track called Home on my CD Wild Butterfly that features prominent sitar and tabla if you are in dire need a little sitar fix ;)

    Thanks again for the feedback!!

    All the best,


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