May 132011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

Today’s set features covers of a couple hairy-dude bands, a couple beautiful blonde singers, and Bloc Party, who are in some other category (pretty-scruffy/hipster-alternative maybe). Download ‘em all below.

BUSBUS’s f/yuck cover album features some strange interpretations. Leonard Cohen’s “Diamonds in the Mine” becomes a noisy vocoder swirl. The Velvet Underground’s “Femme Fatale” is now a threatening gothic dirge. Perhaps nothing goes as far as “Emily” though, which turns Joanna Newsom’s harp epic into a disjointed indie-dance thumper.

On Bloc Party’s Intimacy album, “Signs” was the only song not to include guitar. So, of course, the first sound you hear in Self Control’s cover is some six-string strumming. It soon competes for space with twitchy drum machine and Ian Curtis-dark vocals.

In his description, John Velazquez calls this My Morning Jacket song “more or less unrecognizable.” You can say that again! Jim James’ five-minute country ballad becomes a two-minute pop single, all upbeat and peppy. Hell doesn’t sound so bad after all.

San Diego folkie C. Miner’s Fleet Foxes cover (the first we’ve heard from their acclaimed new album) is everything you want a Fleet Foxes cover to be: spiritual, earthy, and acoustic. It makes you feel at one with Gaia.

It wouldn’t be a Bandcamp feature if we didn’t feature at least one ukulele song. Really, though, this Britney Spears cover is a two-ukulele song, all energetic strumming and beefed-up falsetto cries.

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  1. Love Self Control’s Bloc Party cover.

  2. Self Control kicks Ass

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