May 112011

The delightful duo of Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte that consistently blows up the YouTubes as Pomplamoose has recorded a fun videosong cover of the Angry Birds theme song. I consistently like their songs, so I figured I’d take a crack at writing this post. I always like to get familiar with the song being covered, and thus begins the chain of events that led to me understanding this music video.

Angry Birds is sort of a puzzle game, but it’s a very frustrating one. I downloaded it yesterday morning and spent a few minutes playing it before my girlfriend snatched it from my hands. We spent the entire day bickering back and forth and stealing the phone from each other. So I now understand this video. If I had an electric guitar, she would’ve unplugged it; she would have thrown me from the drums and smashed my face into the piano, if we had drums or a piano. She would have done all of this with the manic cheer of Nataly Dawn. And I would have circumvented the laws of physics to pull off Jack’s little bungee-cord stunt at the end of the video.

All of this just goes to illustrate the fact that this isn’t just an awesome cover of a videogame theme, like Conte’s recently released Mario cover. No, no. This captures the fury and glee and addiction of the infuriating thing that is Angry Birds. Like all of Pomplamoose’s music, this cover can stand brilliantly on its own two feet. You don’t need to download Angry Birds to appreciate it. You really don’t. Trust me. Heed this warning. Don’t do it.

Pomplamoose – “Angry Birds” Theme

Check out more from Pomplamoose at their website and MySpace.

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