May 232011

“Desolation Row” by Grateful Dead (originally on Highway 61 Revisited)

“Dignity” by The Jazz Vespers (originally on Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Volume 3)

“Dirge” by Steven King (originally on Planet Waves)

“Dirt Road Blues” by The Alpistinos (originally on Time Out of Mind)

“Disease of Conceit” by Mark Zelesky (originally on Oh Mercy)

“Don’t Fall Apart on Me Tonight” by Molly Case (originally on Infidels)

“Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” by Mike Ness (originally on The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan)

“Down Along the Cove” by Johnny Jenkins (originally on John Wesley Harding)

“Down in the Flood” by Derek Trucks Band (originally on Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol. II )

“Down the Highway” by Tommy Orr (originally on The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan)

“Drifter’s Escape” by Joan Baez (originally on John Wesley Harding)

“Emotionally Yours” by The O’Jays (originally on Empire Burlesque)

“Every Grain of Sand” by Giant Sand (originally on Shot of Love)

“Everything Is Broken” by R.L. Burnside (originally on Oh Mercy)

Check out Part 2: “Father of Night” through “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues“!

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  1. Thanks for putting together!
    Allow me to share, “Forever Young” (from Italy):

  2. Awesome project!!!!!! Thank you so much for doing it. Will spend Bob’s BD drinking deeply.

  3. Dave Van Ronk was a beauty. Voice like sandpaper but still makes it sound so beautiful.

  4. O what a wonderful idea!
    Finally there’s someone out there to do justice to what is the most fascinating fact in the Dylan universe to me – that unbelievably huge number of Dylan covers across all musical styles (and in lots of different languages). I’m a big fan of Dylan covers and still love to discover new ways of doin’ Dylan. A GREAT idea to honor the man and to celebrate his 70th birthday! Thanxaton for that!

    Well, even if I can’t guess the three missing songs because I’m pretty sure they’re all covered (and I haven’t read and checked everything here, yet)…there’s chances that I can help you out…I’d be glad to do so. In case you want me to check my collection and resources, just send me an email…

    Keep on BOBin’!

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