Apr 292011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

Cover Me has never posted a Wiz Khalifa cover before. Nothing against the guy – we’ve just never heard a cover we particularly liked. Well, this week we uncovered two. When it rains, it pours. Or, to use a more appropriate metaphor when discussing Mr. Rolling Papers, when there are no stems…you get the idea. Check out those two below, along with one drastically rearranged standard, one ambient new-wave-revival roar, and a folksy Bee Gees cover that will knock your boots off.

SoCal musician Romak studies “post-good” music. She even writes lengthy analyses of how people like Rebecca Black fit that so-bad-it’s-good mentality. So by covering “Black and Yellow,” is she implying it falls into that category? Maybe – she has covered Rick Astley, after all. Regardless, you don’t have to feel guilty to take pleasure in this indie-pop bounce.

Neil Nathan – perpetrator of the April Fool’s Day prank that still has some of our commenters fooled – turns over a more sincere leaf on this Earth Day homage. He builds something fresh from Louis Armstrong’s played-to-death “What a Wonderful World” by crafting on a new melody and plenty of pop charm.

“Is this what it’s like to record a hit song?” someone says at the beginning of this track. We sure hope so! Kingsley and Perdomo’s back-porch “Stayin’ Alive” sneaks an unexpected darkness amidst the banjo and slide guitar, making it one of our favorite finds of this series so far.

The Killers are easy to hate, and have been for a while. When their debut Hot Fuss landed in 2004, though, you didn’t hear anyone complaining. Seven years later, the record still holds gems that went unnoticed during the “Mr. Brightside” cultural onslaught. One such shoulda-been classic, “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” here starts out nice and folky until the ambient synths attack. The song’s always been about a guy on trial for murder, but this time it sounds like it.

Khalifa may be a rapper, but his lifestyle and image has more than a little in common with Bob Marley. Thus a reggae cover of his latest single seems more than appropriate. The look on a few band members’ faces in the bro-tastic music video makes us think they might have tried a little, ahem, method acting.

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