Apr 142011

Quickies rounds up new can’t-miss covers. Download ‘em below.

Despite having only released two albums since 1992, Sade returns with a new greatest hits set. The Ultimate Collection features hits like “Smooth Operator” and “Soldier of Love” alongside new tracks. One is this predictably smooth R&B cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Still in Love with You.”

Count it as the sad state of hipster irony that when you hear there’s a group called True Womanhood, you know damn well there are no women involved (I blame Girls). Luckily, their cover of Pictureplane’s 2009 blog hit “Dark Rift” proves less eye-roll-inducing. “No one has ever covered my music this well before,” Pictureplane wrote on his blog. “They completely turned the track in to [sic] their own and it is glorious.”
MP3: True Womanhood – Dark Rift (Pictureplane cover)

Arcade Fire may be busy in Haiti, but back here in the States, the Suburbs covers keep trickling in. This latest comes from Sydney songwriter Lenka, who released it as a non-album preview of her forthcoming Two. (via Spinner)
MP3: Lenka – Deep Blue (Arcade Fire cover)

You’ve heard Snow & Voices here before, via their decidedly understated Fleetwood Mac and Red House Painter covers. Now they’re releasing songs on Soundcloud from what they call the “Covers Project.” “We thought it would be interesting to record a series of cover songs and release them one at a time over the next year,” they posted on Tumblr. “A vinyl release of the collection is due at the end of the year.”
MP3: Snow & Voices – Disintegration (The Cure cover)
MP3: Snow & Voices – So Freely (Tir Na Nog cover)

The Last Royals popped up in Quickies two months ago with “Nothing Compares 2 U.” Now they return with cheese-pop duo OMD’s “If You Leave,” best known for its appearance in Pretty in Pink. “All of a sudden you’re 18 at a high school prom, aren’t you?” OMD’s Andy McCluskey said when they performed the track in Austin last month. We sure are.
MP3: The Last Royals – If You Leave (OMD cover)

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