Apr 112011

At first glance, the idea of Ladytron covering Death In June seems patently absurd. After all, their brand of Eurotrash synthpop seems miles away from the gloomy post-punk  marketed by Death In June. Some artists, however, have a talent for extracting light from the most unlikely of places.

To celebrate 10 years of recording, Ladytron just released a greatest-hits compilation featuring two new tracks, one of which is their cover of Death in June’s “Little Black Angel.” They transform the track from a dour, acoustic ballad into an instant dance-floor classic, reminiscent of New Order at their best, with seamlessly intertwined vocals from singers Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo. Listen to the track below.

Ladytron – Little Black Angel (Death in June cover)

Check out more Ladytron on their website or MySpace.

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  5 Responses to “Ladytron Give Death in June’s “Little Black Angel” a Synthpop Makeover”

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  1. “their brand of Eurotrash synthpop”???

    Ladytron’s music has NOTHING to do with Eurotrash. They’re on the same quality league as Depeche Mode, New Order, Kraftwerk and so on. Listen to their songs before making such statements…

  2. a) One of the members of Ladytron is a DIJ fan
    b) Look at the album sleeve – Ladytron does not admit where they took the song from: “Track 16 copyright control”.
    c) Post punk ‘marketed’ by DIJ? Douglas P. makes music the way he wants, and he is certainly not backed by a large music conglomerate, marketed to sell to the kiddies / hipsters. Unlike Ladytron, might I add.

  3. ^ “Unlike Ladytron, might I add.”

    Ladytron make their music in their own term. They are songwriters and producers of their music. Their sound evolved over the years without becoming too commercial. Nobody tells them what to do. So: they’re NOT “marketed to sell to the kiddies / hipsters” as you said.

  4. Tell that to the marketing team at their record label company. *wink*

  5. Their current record label is Nettwerk. This label has a good reputation. The proof that nobody tells them what to do is: Ladytron changed many labels (Emperor Norton, Ryko, Island) because they were poorly promoted and I bet someone told them to sell out. End of story.

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