Apr 082011

Last year Heinali and Matt Finney sent us a dark, ambient “Candidate” cover that instantly leapt into our Best Cover Songs of 2010 list. Now the Ukranian composer (Heinali) and American poet (Finney) return with two more covers, easily fulfilling the potential their Joy Division cover promised.

Their most recent is a spooky meditation on the Cure’s “Plainsong”: “We wanted to do this because we’re both extremely big fans of The Cure,” Finney tells us. “Initially we were gonna do something from Pornography, but we both have a lot of memories and nostalgia attached to Disintegration. We think ‘Plainsong’ is one that a lot of people don’t sit through and enjoy, because they know ‘Pictures of You’ is coming up and they want to get to that. ‘Plainsong’ talks about pain and worry and loss, but it’s absolutely gorgeous.”

MP3: Heinali and Matt Finney – Plainsong (The Cure cover)
[audio: News0411/08Plainsong.mp3]

Next up is an equally creepy “Creep.” Like “Candidate,” it features dark-woods atmospherics churning underneath Finney’s growl. “We know it’s been done to death but hopefully we put a fresh spin on it,” Finney says. “We wanted to bring out the darker element that’s rooted in this song, to put the bitter side at the forefront.”

MP3: Heinali and Matt Finney – Creep (Radiohead cover)
[audio: News0411/08Creep.mp3]

Check out more Heinali and Matt Finney at MySpace or Bandcamp.

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