Mar 312011

As the weekend approaches, you might find yourself facing some difficult questions: Are you going to kick it in the front seat or the back seat? What day comes after Saturday? Will you have fun fun fun fun? Lucky for you, two more intrepid cover artists answered those questions this week with takes on the irritatingly ubiquitous Rebecca Black track “Friday.”

First up is Kyle Puccia, styling himself as “Epic Mullet Guy.” The title mainly functions to communicate that he’s operating at the maximum level of hipster irony possible, so it makes perfect sense that he turns the soulless “Friday” into a hyper-emotive piano ballad. It’s an idea we’ve seen before, but Puccia executes it well and he’s actually a talented vocalist, especially when he switches to a dramatic falsetto for the bridge. The strange professionalism of the accompanying video is also notable, especially as it seems to have been filmed in a house made up entirely of Ikea sample rooms.

Kyle Puccia – Friday (Rebecca Black cover)

This week’s second “Friday” cover comes from the ever-popular “arranged for orchestra” genre. For Orchestra artist Walt Ribeiro does a professional job turning “Friday” into a full-scale orchestral performance; unfortunately the source material offers an incredibly weak foundation. “Friday” for orchestra sounds like background music in a community college commercial – maybe accompanying some images of students in class or perhaps kickin’ it in the front seat with their friends, Rebecca Black-style. Also, “Friday” is mostly notable for its abysmal lyrics, so this all-instrumental version omits the song’s best (worst?) feature.

For Orchestra – Friday (Rebecca Black cover)

For more about Kyle Puccia, check out his website or Myspace. You can also check out For Orchestra at their website or Myspace.

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  1. Thanks for the support of my rebecca black orchestra version. I did Sisqo Thong Song this week, as well as more Lady Gaga and Portal the video game. More to come! If you have any requests let me know. Thanks CoverMeSongs!

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