Mar 282011

At Cover Me, we like to give stuff away. Read on to learn how that stuff can be yours.

Vinyl is back and with Record Store Day just around the corner, it seemed just the time for another wax giveaway. Today we have three 7” singles for an exciting new multi-band cover of Meatloaf’s classic “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” Four bands divided up the song into its components and the result is spectacular. We asked project curator and Elastic No-No Band member Justin Remer to tell us how it came together.

I am in the midst of writing a new Elastic No-No Band album, which I want to be a kind of concept record about love and sex. I also was thinking about doing it half-originals/half-covers (maybe split into two distinct “sides” like Todd Rundgren’s Faithful album). When this song came up on my mp3 player’s shuffle, I immediately knew we had to do it for the project. As the song played on and on, I suddenly worried it was going to be almost too much work to try to pull off. But then the idea of an Exquisite Corpse came to me: the song has four distinct parts, so I could get four bands to each take one part without consulting the others and make it their own. So then this became a unique one-off project.

Picking the bands essentially involved me thinking of what New York bands I liked that I thought would fit each part. Elastic No-No Band has such a ’50s/rockabilly inclination already that we were an easy pick for the first part. Huggabroomstik is such a wild and unpredictable band that I just wanted to see what they would do with the short baseball announcer section. Schwervon! is a really fun boy-girl duo whose material already often deals with couples in conflict, so they seemed right for the “Let Me Sleep On It” section. They surprised me a little bit though by subverting the song and switching the singers’ genders, which was awesome. And The Leader is another boy-girl duo with a couple of moody albums to their credit. They surprised me too because I thought they would maybe slow down the ending to better fit their style, but they just rocked it out. The band selection took about 20 minutes, but getting everyone corralled into the studio to record their basic tracks and overdubs, etc., took nearly seven months – which is longer than a lot of albums take to record. The end product totally justifies the effort.

We have three copies of that product to give away: one clear red, one opaque pink, and one red/pink split. Enter your name, email address, and color preference in the comments below to win. Your preference will not affect your chances; we’ll just try to give the winners their desired colors where possible. Winners will be picked randomly one week from today. Contest closed. Check out the tune below.

MP3: Elastic No-No Band / Huggabroomstik / Schwervon! / The Leader – Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Meatloaf cover)

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Thanks to Weemayk Musik and Elastic No-No Band for sponsoring this contest!

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  32 Responses to “Vinyl Giveaway: “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” Colored 7””

Comments (32)
  1. i’d love the red/pink. best song.

  2. I’d love the pink! lots of great memories for this one.

  3. My favorite color is red so my pick is obvious :)

  4. any one of them would be wickedly awesome.

  5. Red/Pink looks coolio, but they’re all cool!

  6. Red

  7. The red/pink looks awesome.

  8. The red one would make an excellent addition to my record collection!

  9. I would love the red & Pink split

  10. Two toned please!

  11. Red

  12. Red &Pink

  13. The red one looks pretty sick!

  14. They all look great. but the red one looks the best

  15. If I had to chose I’d go with the red/pink one, but they all look spectacular and I’d love to have any of the three.

  16. red/ pink please :-)

  17. Pink please :)

  18. Red please

  19. Ooh, that split coloured one looks an absolute treat!

  20. Red <3

  21. Clear red, please!

  22. the red/pink split is fantastic!

  23. Red please!

  24. red/pink obviously

  25. They’re all nice! Pink is my fav :)

  26. Huge Meat Loaf fan here. I would love the red album, could round out my collection quite well! Beautiful job on both the song and the vinyl.

  27. They’re all brilliant. I don’t know how to put into words how much i adore these. Bur I love the red album the most.

  28. Red/pink combo looks like a pretty parallel-universe LifeSaver…sounds great, too!

  29. Red/pink combo looks rad.

  30. red /pink or red, Just so happy to get a chance to win one : )

  31. Woah, this is awesome! I’d love the red/pink one.

  32. Clear red sounds awesome.

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