Mar 012011

Y’all ready for this? March is here, and with it March Madness. This year, we at Cover Me have something different up our sleeves. After years of placing basketball bets solely based on team name (go Moundbuilders!), we decided to take charge and create a pool we know a little more about. Ladies and gentlemen, Cover Me presents: Moptop Madness.

As you might surmise, it’s a March Madness for Beatles covers. Sixty-four covers will compete in a series of single-elimination matches. You lose, you’re gone. We collected a set of great and classic covers, mixing the famous hits with under-the-radar gems that deserve a shot at glory.

How do we pick the winner? We don’t. You do. Every morning at 8am new matches will go up. Thus commences a furious 24-hour voting period. Listen to the songs, vote your mind, and convince others that you’ve got the winning team. The competition may get cutthroat, but that’s what happens when you’re choosing the best. Winner advances; loser gets left in the dust.

Below, you’ll see the bracket showing all 64 teams. For a fair arrangement, songs were placed using a numeric randomizer (no “byes” here). Click on the image to see a larger, legible version.

The contest begins tomorrow and continues all month. Get a courtside view of all the action by following @covermesongs or “Like”-ing us on Facebook. Every morning we will announce another 24-hour showdown, so you don’t want to miss out.

Sixty-four covers will enter. One will win. Check tomorrow morning for the first matchup!

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  1. Brian Auger & The Trinity- “A Day And A Life”

    George Benson- “I Want You”

  2. Junior Parker!!!!!-Tax Man!!!

  3. Too bad you guys didn’t know about Jonathan Coulton’s brilliant version of “I Will”. It’s my all-time favorite Beatles cover and more than matches the emotional depth of the original.

  4. Think you might want to check that ballot again, T. We wouldn’t leave Coulton out!

  5. Shit! Nevermind! I missed JoCo on the brackets! I apologize! JoCo for the win!

  6. Also: you’d better bet that I’m doing the best I can to mobilize the Coulton fanbase on this!

  7. Should be sweet but Im not sure how Coulton’s I will and Oasis’ cover of I am the Walrus are not included

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