Feb 042011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

Once again we delve back into Bandcamp to find the week’s top free covers. There’s a bit of an ’80s theme today, with covers of songs from Pixies, the Cure, and Wham! The two that round them out buck the trend a bit: a Buffy Sainte-Marie song from 1963 and a Dirty Projectors song from 2004. The average of 1963 and 2004 is 1983 though, so there you go!

While snowed in last month, Damon Moon and the Whispering Drifters (great name) recorded a set of old-school country covers. Songs by Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson get almost uncomfortably intimate, and this one starts that way…until the guitar solo. You can’t download the songs individually, but the whole EP is available for free at Bandcamp.

Tribal beats? Check. Swooping cello? Check. Bonnie Tyler-esque emoting? Oh yeah.

Don’t bother scanning your copy of Bitte Orca; you won’t find this song there. The tune comes instead from the Projectors’ obscure 2004 album Slaves’ Graves & Ballads. This intimate acoustic duet warbles along, love-em-or-hate-em vocals building the same polarization the Projectors themselves create.

This song takes the lo-fi movement to its logical extreme. You don’t know if it’s intentionally fuzzy or just very poorly recorded. Believe it or not, I mean that in a good way.

This one comes off the upcoming The LOVE Noise: Low-Fidelity Cure Covers tribute album. That’s about all we know about it for now, but the weird squonking-horn gallop intrigues us.

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  1. Hey there, thanks for the shout-out! Our Cure tribute album (The LOVE Noise) is now fully available on the Coma Nova bandcamp page. All recorded on 4-track cassette!

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