Feb 112011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

For no apparent reason that we can figure out, Bandcamp exploded with covers this week. Eyeballing the selection, there seem to be almost three times as many new covers posted as in weeks past. Or maybe artists are just catching on that tagging your track “cover” makes it easy for us to find. Take note!

As a result, our five favorites this week are among our five favorites of this entire series. Granted, it’s only three weeks old. This week, in fact, we had so many contenders we tacked on three bonus covers at the end. Download all eight below.

This isn’t as stripped back as the “I Wanna Be Your Dog” we named the 10th best cover song of 2010, but it’s close. Chiming notes create a hazy wash that sounds like what might happen if you slipped Kevin Shields a nylon-string guitar.

Yesterday we heard James Blake cover “A Case of You” for the BBC. In that same interview, he revealed that his own “The Wilhelm Scream” is sort of a cover itself, inspired by James Litherland’s obscure “Where to Turn.” In fact, Blake’s father produced the original, though the Internet remains unclear on whether that means Papa Blake recorded Litherland or Papa Blake is Litherland.

Yeah, it’s another cover of “Runaway.” This time, though, it’s not The National’s song (which we’ve heard covered once) or Kanye West’s (which we’ve heard covered five times), but the 1961 hit. Think anyone will be covering the other two “Runaway”s in 40 years? Time will tell.

Hey, did you hear the White Stripes broke up last week? So that’s why they haven’t made any new music in…four years. Zombie Computer pays tribute with a rampaging “Seven Nation Army” perfect for anyone who thinks the original is too gosh-darn mellow.

Judging from the Arcade Fire covers we’ve seen recently, you’d never know their new album contained anything other than “We Used to Wait.” Well, for our first new Suburbs cover in a while, we turn to Regine’s shining moment on “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains).”


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  1. The Arcade Fire cover is back up at band camp

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