Feb 282011

Today marks the 7th 17th birthday of Canadian popstar Justin Bieber. If you’re a fan, you might already have plans to celebrate by watching his video for “Baby” another 472 million times on YouTube (that’s the actual view count), sending hate mail to Esperanza Spalding, or seeing his recently-deceased haircut in glorious 3-D during your seventh viewing of Never Say Never. Montreal band Code Pie have marked the auspicious occasion – and more importantly the upcoming release of their third album – with a nostalgic cover of Bieber’s hit single “Baby.”

Bieber’s “Baby” is a straightforward slice of radio-friendly pop. Code Pie overhauls the track by trading its bouncy, polished production for a slow doo-wop aesthetic. Not the most obvious choice, but it really works because the sugary lyrics suit the ’50s-style innocence of the restructured song. The result is a dreamy, layered piece that wouldn’t sound out of place on the soundtrack for a sweet, sad indie film about people falling out of love. If 501 Days of Summer ever hits theaters, Code Pie could definitely be featured in the trailer. Listen to their take on “Baby” below (perhaps while you’re entering your $12,000 bid for the Bieb’s hair trimmings on ebay – seriously).

Code Pie – Baby (Justin Bieber cover)

Code Pie’s third album, Love Meets Rage, will be available April 5th. Find out more about them and download the first single at their website or MySpace .

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