Jan 182011

Today is quickly becoming Cover Me: Jack White Edition. Just a couple hours ago we gave you the two covers he produced for First Aid Kit and now we have even more White content. Difference is, here he’s front and center.

The occasion is Wanda Jackson’s new video for her previously-heard cover of Bob Dylan’s “Thunder on the Mountain.” The clip starts with White strolling in, badass as ever, and picking up his guitar. Excellent start. Then dapperly-dressed Third Man House Band (featuring Patrick Keeler on drums) roars into action. What follows looks like the wildest Sun Studios session ever. The music rips and the grins on the pair’s faces as they push each other back and forth are a joy. (via AOL)

Wanda Jackson – Thunder on the Mountain (Bob Dylan cover)

Wanda Jackson’s The Party Ain’t Over drops next Tuesday on Third Man Records. Listen to the whole thing here.

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  1. Yeah, but have you listened to the NPR stream for the whole album here? If the blogs are to be believed, Jack White can do no wrong – and it’s true that most of what he’s producing these days, including the First Aid Kit covers 7″ that just dropped, is delish. But the take on You Know I’m No Good on this album is an utter mess: the tempo slides all-over-the-place awkwardly, the voice is warbly and odd, and the instrumentation sounds flat and clipped. Wanda sounds like my grandma with her teeth out on Blue Yodel #6 and several others. And the rest of it isn’t much better.

    Sad, given both artists’ history and reputation, which until now, were well deserved. But quantity is no excuse for quality; maybe White should slow down a bit.

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