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Sara Bareilles is no newcomer to covers. The Grammy-nominated chanteuse got her start in the UCLA acappella group Awaken, and later covered her own ballad “Gravity,” which she wrote for the group, on her debut album Careful Confessions. Late last year Bareilles brilliantly reinvented Beyoncé‘s raucous “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” for Billboard.com’s Mashup Mondays series, giving a jazzy, coffee-house spin to the iconic R&B sizzler.

Now the 30-year old singer has released a gorgeous live piano-and-vocal cover of Coldplay‘s mellow “Yellow,” placing the British band’s slow-burning 2004 single on simmer without sacrificing any heat. After a spate of new renditions of the Grammy-winning “Viva la Vida” last year*, it’s a treat to see a new take on one of Chris Martin (aka Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow)’s most beautiful tunes of yore.

*Check out “Viva La Vida covers” by Taylor Swift, The Pet Shop Boys, and Weezer.

Sara Bareilles – Yellow (Coldplay cover)


Check out more Sara Bareilles at her website.

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  1. Jem did the same mellow acoustic piano cover of Yellow years back.

  2. She fu*ked that up!

  3. Huge fan of her and her new EP! Just downloaded it today from iTunes, and haven’t stopped listening to it since lol Definitely recommend checking it out :)

  4. here my cover of hold my heart by sara bareilles..

  5. I am one of Sara’s big fans.
    My Yellow cover:


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