Jan 192011

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Some of you might have some familiarity with Wakey!Wakey! by now. If the band’s debut studio full-length Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You, released last February on Family Records, failed to catch your ear, perhaps frontman Mike Grubbs’ recurring spot as the piano-playing bartender on TV’s One Tree Hill did. And if neither of these ring a bell, maybe you’ve stumbled upon the band on their relentless touring efforts (Currently, they’re doing shows in England both as headliners and in support of James Blunt).

But whenever you have – or will – come across the building wave that is Wakey!Wakey!, you shouldn’t miss the collection of covers that a solo Grubbs released back in 2008 as part of Wakey!Wakey! Wednesdays. Featuring songs by The Decemberists, Weezer, Alicia Keys, and more, the ten tracks were released one at a time on consecutive Wednesdays (the original G.O.O.D. Fridays?), and are all available for free download or stream over at The Family Records’ site.

To pique your interest, check out “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Beach Boys‘ “California Girls”, and “Two Headed Boy, Part One” by Neutral Milk Hotel below. Predating any mainstream attention for Grubbs, the tracks showcase Grugg’s affinity for simplicity and intensely emotional melodies (he makes “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” sound like the most heartbreaking song ever).

MP3: Wakey!Wakey! – Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)
[audio: DownloadThis/WakeyWakey/Maps.mp3]

: Wakey!Wakey! – California Girls (The Beach Boys cover)
[audio: DownloadThis/WakeyWakey/CaliforniaGirls.mp3]

: Wakey!Wakey! – Two Headed Boy Part One (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)
[audio: DownloadThis/WakeyWakey/TwoHeadedBoyPtTwo.mp3]

Download the full set here.

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