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They Say It’s Your Birthday celebrates an artist’s special day with other people singing his or her songs. Let others do the work for a while. Happy birthday!

Some time ago, a rugged, righteous man made his presence known to the world. He had a great respect for certain past traditions, but also some funny ideas about how to move forward. And let’s not forget his wicked beard. He’s influenced western culture more than anyone would’ve first imagined, and people now worship him as an icon and maybe even a savior. His name is revered far and wide: Eddie Vedder.

Yes, the celebrated grunge/alt. rock trailblazer and Pearl Jam founder, born Edward Louis Severson III, turns 46 today, and we thought we’d celebrate with some pretty great covers that span his entire body of work.

David Ellul – Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog cover)

Before Pearl Jam, Eddie took part in the short-lived Temple of the Dog, a collaboration between members of his future band and Soundgarden. Here, Ontario performer David Ellul gives their only hit, “Hunger Strike,” the solo treatment.

P.O.S. – Why Go? (Pearl Jam cover)

To celebrate the 2009 rerelease of Pearl Jam’s debut Ten, MTV commissioned alternative hip-hop artist P.O.S. to cover the album’s fourth track, the furious “Why Go?”.

Allison Crowe – Release (Pearl Jam cover)

Here at Cover Me we love Allison Crowe. Check out her awesome piano-vocal cover of the haunting “Release,” also originally featured on Ten.

Sugarland – Better Man (Pearl Jam cover)

Wait, what? As it turns out, mega-popular country act Sugarland released a whole album of live covers last year, of which “Better Man” was a part. Their arrangement, which includes mandolin and accordion, does Eddie proud.

17 Queens – Hard Sun (Eddie Vedder cover)

Finally, we end with a sampling from Eddie’s solo career, as Tacoma, WA singer/songwriter Bo Cappabianca (who releases material under the name 17 Queens) takes a whack at “Hard Sun,” the standout tune from Vedder’s Into the Wild soundtrack.

Check out more from Eddie and the gang on the Pearl Jam website!

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  1. I love “Hard Sun” from the Into the Wild soundtrack, but Vedder’s version is actually a cover of a 1989 recording by Indio. That doesn’t detract from the new cover posted here, but I just wanted to add a little insight to the song’s lineage.

  2. Interesting Brett, I had no idea that Vedder’s Hard Sun is also a cover. It may explain why it wasn’t nominated for the best song oscar.

  3. And Indio sued Eddie Vedder over it after accepting royalties for it. Swell guy.

  4. Belated birthday wishes to Eddie Vedder! I’ve been travelling to the mainland and back, for family gatherings. I return to learn EV shares a birthday with my Mom. Thanks for including Allison Crowe’s “Release” in your TSIYB selection. Allison, I know, will be delighted she can contribute – as Eddie and PJ are among her great inspirations. I recall Allison making this recording, using a tiny computer mic – and, for her, in hushed tones as she didn’t want to wake up any of the folks sleeping in the house around her…

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