Dec 222010

With little fanfare, Robyn Hitchcock released a set of unheard covers to stream on his website yesterday. The former Soft Boy sticks with obvious influences like George Harrison and Bob Dylan on the untitled set, but the song selections themselves often surprise. For Harrison, he chose “Be Here Now” from Living in the Material World. For Dylan, “Copper Kettle,” off Self Portrait, the album that garnered perhaps the most famous record review in rock history (Greil Marcus: “What is this shit?”).

Four of these come from the sessions for his latest album, Propellor Time. Four more come from his 2010 Halloween set where he preformed David Bowie’s Hunky Dory in full. One even has Nick Lowe on lead vocals. View the full track list below and stream the whole thing here.

Untitled Covers Album Tracklist:
01. Be Here Now (George Harrison cover; studio outtake)
02. Blue Moon of Kentucky (Bill Monroe cover; ‘Propellor Time’ session, lead vocal Nick Lowe)
03. Candyman (Grateful Dead cover; Nashville with the Tennessee Crawdads)
04. Changes (David Bowie cover; 3 Kings Halloween 2010 MSF Benefit)
05. Copper Kettle (Bob Dylan cover; ‘Propellor Time’ session)
06. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash cover; ‘Propellor Time’ session, vocal Scott McCaughey)
07. Life on Mars (David Bowie cover; 3 Kings Halloween 2010 MSF Benefit)
08. Pink Moon in C (Nick Drake cover; studio outtake)
09. Quicksand (David Bowie cover; 3 Kings Halloween 2010 MSF Benefit)
10. Song for Bob Dylan (David Bowie cover; 3 Kings Halloween 2010 MSF Benefit)
11. Very Cellular Song (Incredible String Band cover; vocal Mike Heron, live at Pestival 2009)
12. Wang Dang Doodle (Willie Dixon cover; ‘Propellor Time’ session)

Hear the full album here!

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  1. Most I like, but the Nick Drake cover is AWful! I see why it was an outtake. Thanks for the link, tho., and Merry Christmas!

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