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‘Tis the season for covers (more on that later today) and who better to ring in the first day of December than our old friends Pomplamoose? Their “VideoSongs” have collectively racked up millions of views on YouTube and earned them fans like Ben Folds. They’ve been promoting original material lately, but they return to covers with “Deck the Halls.”

As always, Pomplamoose make the tune a whole mess of fun, layering xylophone, cowbells, and what looks like the happiest drummer ever. An all-too-brief dance break (“Christmas In Space”??) encapsulates the celebratory mood, but they sing for a serious cause: the Richmond Book Drive, which sends books to needy schools all over the city.

As an added bonus, donating to the Richmond Book Drive gets you the new Pomplamoose Christmas album for free! See all the info below the video.

Pomplamoose – Deck the Halls

Support Richmond Book Drive, Get Free Pomplamoose Album

1. Go to
2. Click on “Visit the Wish List” which will take you to Amazon.
3. Purchase a book on Amazon, and set the shipping address as Richmond Book Drive (it will be one of the options that automatically pops up).
4. Amazon will send you an email confirmation of your order. That email will have an order number. Copy the number!
5. Go back to and click on “Thank You” to visit the thank you page, where you can enter your order number and receive your mp3 downloads.

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  1. I saw this band on some TV commercial recently, but I can’t remember which one.

  2. Hyundai

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