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November is upon us. The temperature is dropping; the holidays are approaching; year’s end is visible on the horizon. Pretty soon we’ll have to start thinking about our Best Cover Songs of 2010 list (read 2009’s here). There are lots of contenders. If we did a Worst Cover Songs list though – well, I think we already have a winner!

Ironically, it’s from the same Quincy Jones tribute album that generated this morning’s terrific Amy Winehouse tune. Consider this the counter-balance. It’s T-Pain and Robin Thicke attempting Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).” One word: AutoTune. Lots of it. The non-computerized Thicke improves things marginally upon his appearance, but that isn’t a high bar. Listen below (if you dare).

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Check out more…no, I’m sorry, T-Pain. You don’t deserve a link.

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  6 Responses to “Is T-Pain’s “P.Y.T.” the Worst Cover Song of 2010?”

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  1. I lasted all of 15 seconds. What horror.

  2. Wow was that awful…I’m not a big fan of autotune but seriously making it so the words are unintelligible?


  3. oh my god i think the winner is already announced that cover totally sucks.

  4. I don’t know what is worst the remake or him getting butt hurt because people think that the remake sucks. There are some people that are die hard fans that don’t want anyone touching MJ music, but for the most part people are upset cause you ruined the song that most of us consider a classic. Nobody is “riding his dick” or “being haters” people have the right to speak out their opinion. If 99% is saying that the song sucks, then the song sucks.

  5. He didn’t ruin it, clearly if you don’t like auto-tune you won’t like this cover, but if you can appreciate auto-tune and the fact it allows every note sung to be heard clearly this cover is incredible. I don’t hear anything wrong with this myself, but if you guys are gonna cry and complain about it profusely go ahead, bleed.

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