Nov 232010

Atlas Sound is Bradford Cox (of Deerhunter)’s solo project. In it, he doesn’t stray too far from the fuzzed-out sound of his main band, but he does take some detours. Yesterday on his Deerhunter blog, he released two new sets of recordings, Bedroom Data Bank Vols. I and II.  Vol. I contains two covers, one of Kurt Vile and one of Bob Dylan.

The cover of Vile’s “Freak Train” pares the song down to its instrumental parts, cutting the five-minute run time in half. Cox clearly consider Vile an influence, but instead of making his admiration too obvious, he turns it into a sunny little pop song. The song broadens Cox’s palate a bit, centering around a squiggly synthesizer instead of his usual fuzzy guitar.

On his cover of Bob Dylan and Rick Danko’s “This Wheel’s on Fire,” Cox reverts to the fuzz, especially on the vocals. However, he maintains the original’s bluesy groove through his work on the guitars. It’s another great tribute to a highly influential artist. Download them both below.

MP3: Atlas Sound – Freight Train (Kurt Vile cover)
[audio: News1110/23FreightTrain.mp3|artists=Atlas Sound|titles=Freight Train]

: Atlas Sound – This Wheel’s on Fire (Bob Dylan cover)
[audio: News1110/23ThisWheelsonFire.mp3|artists=Atlas Sound|titles=This Wheel’s on Fire]

Check out more from Atlas Sound and Deerhunter on their MySpaces and blog.

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