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Back in June Cover Me shone the spotlight on Canadian songstress Allison Crowe. We couldn’t fit in everything though, so that last post omitted the two renditions of Eurythmics‘ singer Annie Lennox’s “Why” from Crowe’s latest album, Spiral. Perhaps those recordings provided the impetus for a couple of Hollywood producers to call up Allison earlier this year to commission a recording of Eurythmics’ new wave classic “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).”

“I learned this song, in its entirety, in the summer in about an hour to record as part of a movie soundtrack,” Allison tells Cover Me. “That didn’t pan out – but what did come of it was learning a song that I’ve always tinkered around with on the piano. I love Annie Lennox’s voice and songs. She’s a very cool lady – and extremely talented, so it’s a lot of fun to be able to cover more than one song of hers! There is something very healing about yelling ‘hold your head up – keep your head up’ at the top of your lungs.”

Those producers made a big mistake not calling Allison back, because this “Sweet Dreams” demands to be heard. She delivers a reading on this ’80s mainstay at once beautifully melodious and ferociously in-your-face. The simple recording – guitar and vocals only – bestows on the tune an intimacy that makes it sound like she’s perched square in front of you, serenading you and running through a whole spectrum of emotions. Cover Me is pleased to premiere it below.

Check out more from Allison Crowe on her website or MySpace.

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