Oct 282010

You all submit so many great covers it’s hard to keep up. When we fall behind, we gather the best and brightest in a Submission Roundup.

It’s that time once again. The proverbial mailbox is bursting with great submissions worthy of a feature, but there’re just too many! So, with less fanfare than they deserve, we round up all the submissions we didn’t get a chance to post this month. Thanks to all the artists for sharing their gifts. Enjoy. Tell us your favorite in the comments!

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Submission Roundup: October

MP3: Bigga Haitian – My Doorbell (The White Stripes cover) [Website]
MP3: Bonjay – Jamelia (Caribou cover) [Website]
MP3: Dark Dark Dark – This Woman’s Work (Kate Bush cover) [Website]
MP3: Dave Patten – Locomotive Breath (Jethro Tull cover) [Website]
MP3: Deborah Crooks – Heart of Gold (Neil Young) [Website]
MP3: Garden on a Trampoline – Cheated Hearts (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover) [Website]
MP3: Garden on a Trampoline – Sorrow (The National) [Website]
MP3: Harper Blynn – Everybody’s Talkin’ (Harry Nilsson cover) [Website]
MP3: Jeff Mellin – Brilliant Disguise (Bruce Springsteen cover) [Website]
MP3: Julian Shah-Tayler – Mother (John Lennon cover) [Website]
MP3: Julian Shah-Tayler – Super Collider (Radiohead cover) [Website]
MP3: Kissed Her Little Sister – In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover) [Website]
MP3: Linfinity – Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads cover) [Website]
MP3: Silvertone – So Far Away (Dire Straits cover) [Website]
MP3: Stephen Brower and the Silent Majority – Falling Out (Ween cover) [Website]
MP3: 835 – Modern Love (David Bowie cover) [Website]

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