Oct 262010
Sarah Blasko on her baddest behavior

Outkast’s song “Hey Ya” generally isn’t associated with words like “laid-back,” “croony,” or “harmonic.” That is, unless the word “not” acts as a qualifier.

Enter Sarah Blasko.

Recently hitting on music radars for her single “All I Want,” this Aussie singer-songwriter tackled the early ‘00s staple live on Australian radio station Triple J. The result? A smooth and sultry, yet totally tongue-in-cheek cover. Blasko’s version would not be out of place at a hipster wine bar where the Cabernet is served in jam jars and the baguette is cut into ironic shapes.

In the interview following her performance, Blasko notes that “If you think about it, [the lyrics have] got some significance.” It’s true. Lines like “Thank God for mom and dad/for sticking two together/’Cause we don’t know how” and “Why we so in denial/When we know we’re not happy here” hold emotional resonance. (Resonance that is only partially lost when the singer requests a desire to “make you come-a”).

“Hey Ya” gravitas? Totally possible. Check it out yourself:

MP3: Sarah Blasko – Hey Ya (Outkast cover)
[audio: News1010/26HeyYa.mp3]

You can listen to the full interview, plus an acoustic version of her original “Bird on a Wire” here. Check out Blasko’s web site for more.

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  1. Can it be possible you’re not aware of Mat Weddle/Obadiah Parker’s version of this? Theirs is a cover in the same vein, but practically heartwrenching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c745E7T_Wvg

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