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It’s Pink Floyd month here at Cover Me! Only a few weeks ago we posted a two-part series covering every song on The Wall (click for parts 1 and 2). Now we turn to Dark Side of the Moon for a Cover Me premiere. And what a premiere it is! Prepare to have your face melted (and not because you took too much acid).

Chicago grunge stalwarts Local H drop their Awesome Mix Tape #1 covers album next week. One song stands out amidst the Concrete Blonde and Agent Orange tunes: “Time.” Not only is Pink Floyd the least obvious choice for this hard-rocking duo, but this particular track comes off of Pink Floyd’s psychedelic opus, making the selection even less likely. Would the pair really sell out their full-throttle assault for some spacey meandering? Not bloody likely. No matter how many times you spun Dark Side in your dorm room, you might not even recognize the track at first. Brian St. Clair’s pummeling drums push the song into overdrive while Scott Lucas unleashes a one-man guitar storm.

“We’d talked about doing a covers record before, but it just never got off the ground,” Lucas said of the record. “We make these mix-tape type of comps that we play before our shows. On our last tour we had this mix of all the songs we’ve ever done as covers. And that clicked. That would be the way to do an all-covers record. Fashion it like an old school mix tape. Something that a crazy drug dealer out of Boogie Nights could play to scare Mark Wahlberg.”

Cover Me is proud to premiere Local H’s grunged-out “Time” below. This hard-hitting rocker pushes well past the seven-minute mark with just a hint of psychedelic flair.

Check out more Local H on their website.
Awesome Mix Tape #1 drops October 19th.

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  1. I like this.

  2. What a pleasant surprise on this lovely Friday afternoon.

  3. Good stuff! I loved Local H’s cover of Toxic also.

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