Sep 222010

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Who can honestly say they don’t like Blink-182? Okay, fine, there’s one. Wait, two. Alright, slow down now, one at a — oh forget it.

Whether or not you think the biggest pop-punk trio since Green Day actually “added anything” to music or “contributed” to popular culture or “didn’t totally suck,” they sure were ubiquitous for a while. Anyone who was a certain age in 1999 still has “All the Small Things” on repeat somewhere in the depths of their brain. Might as well embrace it, ’cause you damn sure won’t get rid of it.

Today we jump back a bit though, to 1997’s Dude Ranch. Penned by bassist Mark Hoppus, “Waggy” packs a surprising emotional punch. Sure, it includes a masturbation joke – let’s not forget who we’re talking about here – but it still comes off heartfelt. Particularly when you hear this version.

The original was all power chords and angsty-boy whining, but the harmonies and steel guitar of Scottish duo Whiteshaw make it a purty country weeper. Hard to imagine a more dramatic transformation (well, maybe Slipknot going jazz). Also worth hearing: Whiteshaw’s super-stripped down demo version.

MP3: Whiteshaw – Waggy (Blink-182 cover)

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Check out more Whiteshaw at MySpace or Bandcamp.

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