Sep 092010

Used to be a time where to form an a cappella group you had to have, you know, a group. Not anymore. Thanks to the magic of technology, anyone can be a one-man (or woman) chorus. You can carve out your own quirky niche without needing to convince other people that this isn’t an enormous waste of time.

Classic television theme songs definitely counts as a niche. YouTuber DeStorm Power – amazing name – takes on five split personalities to create his a cappella crew Soul Tunes. Each DeStorm is more enthusiastic than the last as he/they power through all your favorites, plus a few you’d forgotten (Goof Troop!). He’s released five videos so far. We’ve got the most recent three below (here’s 1 and 2).

Particularly charming moments: The happy-family mime on The Brady Bunch, the to-the-heavens gospel on Family Matters, the air-everything on Saved by the Bell.

DeStorm – Soul Tunes V

Shows covered: Step by Step, Martin, Gilligan’s Island, Nickelodeon Bumper, the Jefferson’s, Friends, All That, Family Matters, Greatest American Hero, Punky Brewster, the Brady Bunch

DeStorm – Soul Tunes IV

Shows covered: Darkwing Duck, Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Pokemon, Gulah Gulah Island, X-Men, Maya the Bee, Defenders of the Earth, Goof Troop, Muppet Babies

DeStorm – Soul Tunes III

Shows covered: Cheers, Facts of Life, Golden Girls, Perfect Strangers, The Wonder Years, Different Strokes, Mr. Belvedere, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Saved by the Bell, Full House.

Check out the first two Soul Tunes and tons more at DeStorm’s YouTube page.

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