Sep 142010

You all submit so many great covers it’s hard to keep up. When we fall behind, we gather the best and brightest in a Submission Roundup.

Our inbox is just about bursting. You guys send so many great songs I wish we could feature them all individually. Sadly, we can’t. Instead, we’re beginning a new feature: Submissions Roundup. It’s just what it sounds like: a barebones post collecting all the submissions we didn’t want to fall through the cracks. Next to each, you’ll find a link to the artist’s website.

Do you have something to submit? Send it along here!

Submission Roundup: September

: Akasha – Rocky Raccoon (The Beatles cover) [Website]
MP3: Andromakers – There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths cover) [Website]
MP3: Ariel Aparicio – People Who Died (The Jim Carroll Band cover) [Website]
MP3: Coury Palermo – Another Day in Paradise (Phil Collins cover) [Website]
MP3: Coury Palermo – Here Comes the Rain Again (Eurythmics cover) [Website]
MP3: David .T Allen – Sleepwalk (Santo & Johnny cover) [Website]
MP3: eSther – Frozen (Madonna cover) [Website]
MP3: Grand Lake – Hey Sandy (Polaris cover) [Website]
MP3: Julian Shah-Tayler – Unravel (Björk cover) [Website]
MP3: Lelia Broussard – Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover) [Website]
MP3: Love Darling – Closer (Kings of Leon cover) [Website]
MP3: Panda Transport – Love King (The Dream cover) [Website]
MP3: Rob Draken ft. Davy Knowles – Melissa (Allman Brothers cover) [Website]
MP3: Victoria Vox – Psycho Killer (Talking Heads cover) [Website]

Submit your own cover here!

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  1. the madonna cover from esther is pointless!

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