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Could the breakout cover star of 2010 be…Shakira? Seems like a stretch, but so far she’s two for two. Back in May she unleashed her popped-up version of the xx’s indie breakout “Islands.” Now on her fall tour she takes on metal! Is this really the same woman who once sang, “Lucky that my breasts are small and humble / So you don’t confuse them with mountains”?

Her The Sun Comes Out tour began in Montreal a couple nights ago and with it came some Metallica. “Nothing Else Matters,” to be specific, from the band’s 1992 self-titled effort. Shaki’ strips it down to an acoustic trio of mandolin, violin, and south-of-the-border drumming. Shakira being Shakira, she even throws in a Spanish verse halfway through. Only one question remains: Who’s the better dancer, her or James Hetfield?

Check out a video below. It starts a few seconds in, but it’s got much better sound than any of the other YouTube grabs.

Shakira – Nothing Else Matters (Metallica cover)
[youtube TLf3CjjDodk]

Check out more Shakira at her website.

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  1. Not half bad! 10/10 for putting her all into it! I did think she’d had a terrible accident at 2m:28s in, but it was just the camera! I’ll have a pint of whatever the person videoing it was drinking :-)

  2. Great find! I’ll have to keep an eye out if she records it.

  3. This is pretty awesome. The backing band sounds great.

  4. The Spanish verse is from her song La Despedida from the soundtrack to Love in the Time of Cholera. Great mash-up she did with it! I love it!
    I think it’s a charango (traditional Latin American instrument made from the back of an armadillo), not a mandolin.

  5. Un challenge de reprendre du metallica qui plus est dans un registre différent et en plus ça assure, c’est une artiste cette shakira!

  6. The Spanish verse is actually part of her song “Despedida” from the movie Love in the Time of Cholera. Great song, by the way.

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