Sep 172010

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On Wednesday we gave you disc one of The Wall. Today we present disc two aka. the disc with most of the famous songs on it. Download each MP3 individually below or all together at the bottom.

Incidentally, Roger WatersWall tour opener Wednesday night earned rave reviews from SPIN, The Telegraph, Spinner, and the Toronto Sun.


Dean Wareham – Hey You

Dean Wareham performed this cover for the Squid and the Whale soundtrack. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know the song figures heavily into the plot.

Adrian Belew – Is There Anybody Out There?

The King Crimson frontman keeps it spooky, with faded television broadcasts off in the distance.

Colin Meloy – Nobody Home

The Decemberists‘ leader apparently plays this one off-the-cuff. Impressive.

North Sea Radio Orchestra – Vera / Bring the Boys Back Home

Bonus points for an organ-tuba-folk twofer! From that great MOJO tribute album.

Gregorian – Comfortably Numb

A choir of [fake] Gregorian monks covering prog and metal songs? Yes, please!


Luther Wright and the Wrongs – The Show Must Go On

Sure, we posted one of theirs yesterday, but a tribute this good deserves a couple showings.

The Dresden Dolls – In The Flesh

Yesterday Primus asked “In the Flesh?” Today Amanda Palmer and co. answer.

Andrej Kurti & Victor Uzur – Run Like Hell

This Russian violin-cello duo grunt, grind, and groove on their instrumental cover album The Entertainers.

Twinkranes – Waiting for the Worms

Despite a horrid band name, this Dublin trio creates quirky prog-pop, with drums that thump even harder than the original.

Out of Phase – Stop

Another from that electronic tribute album.

Andreas Behrendt – The Trial

Waters’ gift for melody comes through strong on this piano instrumental.

The Buddha Lounge Ensemble – Outside the Wall

We end weird. Waters wouldn’t have it any other way.

Revisit Part 1 here.

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  1. Aw, doesn’t Brian Vigilone merit more than an “and co.”?

  2. Not to rag on ya, Ray but the Reverend is right. That’s like saying The White Stripes are Jack White & co. (heck, some might!). It’s particularly conspicuous in light of the upcoming Dresden Dolls reunion and 10th anniversary tour!

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