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Uncle Monsterface may be the best band name ever. It may also be the worst. That’s kind of the point. They don’t do “serious” music; they do “serious party bizness” (their words). These lightsaber-headband-cruse ship buccaneers incorporate puppet shows into their concerts. Their mascot is a paper-mache lizard head. They wrote one song titled “Mashed Potato Vs. Vampire.” They wrote another about the guy who invented Dungeons and Dragons. They play with Harry and the Potters a lot. You get the idea.

Last fall, the band released a covers EP as a free download on its website. They call it Jokey Jingles Ultimate Dance Party Mix Volume III, despite there never being a Volume I or II. They announced it with an incredibly uninformative (but utterly hilarious) infomercial. Check it out.

[youtube g3vR0FULM6Y]

Boy, that’s a lot of songs! Too bad they made most of them up (so you’ll just have to imagine the awesomeness of Steroid Rage’s “The Last Unicorn”). The five that aren’t pretend comprise the EP. From Britney Spears to Oingo Boingo, it’s a pretty broad spread for such a small serving.

We’ve picked out two choice samples to give you an idea of the nutso-ness: Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and the Aquabats’ “Worms Make Dirt” (find the rest at the bottom). Still a bit bewildered, Cover Me checked in with frontman Marty Allen to learn more. He explained things. Sort of.

MP3: Uncle Monsterface – Like a Prayer (Madonna cover)
Marty says: It was an Easter where we had replaced hidden eggs with hidden nips. Deep into the ill-fated karaoke/dance party session, Madonna’s classic blared and we roared along with it. I looked up wild-eyed and texted the rest of Uncle Monsterface – “We must cover ‘Like A Prayer,’ it is the greatest pop song ever.” Turns out I was right. Years later, we did.

MP3: Uncle Monsterface – Worms Make Dirt (The Aquabats cover)
Marty says: We love the Aquabats so much that it hurts. We were asked to be on a ill-fated comp and we tackled this collectively-beloved tune from what felt like another angle. I think this is the most successful track, paying homage and having its own monsterface-y voice. Stars aligned and magic happened. It’s so different from the original that we wish, more than any other cut, that the ‘Bats hear it and tell us what they think. More specifically, we wish that they hear it, tell us that we’re great, and ask us to go on tour with them. There will be so many high-fives…

Download the whole EP at! You too can own “Toxic,” “Little Girls,” and “Blue Rosebuds”! Act now! Limited time offer! It must be Eagleman!

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