Sep 082010

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As you may know, we love Full Album cover sets. We also love Wilco. We’ve done a whole set of Wilco covers in the past, but never fit them into our Full Album rotation. Thanks to Muzzle of Bees, now we don’t have to.

The Wisconsin-based music blog commissioned fifteen local artists to cover every track off the band’s seminal Summerteeth. The album is called Wisco: A Wisconsin Tribute to Wilco’s Summerteeth (cute) and features a bunch of great bands you’ve never heard of (and maybe a few you have) covering “Can’t Stand It,” “She’s a Jar,” “A Shot in the Arm,” and all the rest. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot would have been the more obvious choice (or, given the blog’s name, A Ghost Is Born), so big ups to Muzzle for throwing a curveball. We’ve got a couple sample tracks below. Check those out, then pop over to Muzzle of Bees for the whole thing.

MP3: Pezzettino – Pieholden Suite (Wilco cover)
[audio: News0910/08PieholdenSuite.mp3|artists=Pezzettino|titles=Pieholden Suite]

: Time Since Western – How to Fight Loneliness (Wilco cover)
[audio: News0910/08HowtoFightLoneliness.mp3|artists=Time Since Western|titles=How to Fight Loneliness]

Wisco: A Wisconsin Tribute to Wilco’s Summerteeth

01. Invade Rome – Can’t Stand It
02. Jeremah Nelson and the Arrogant Derelicts – She’s a Jar
03. The Selfish Gene – A Shot in the Arm
04. Decibully – We’re Just Friends
05. The Celebrated Workingman w/ Caity Guzkowski – I’m Always in Love
06. Conrad Plymouth – Nothing’severgonnastandinmyway
07. Pezzettino – Pieholden Suite
08. Time Since Western – How to Fight Loneliness
09. Juniper Tar – Via Chicago
10. Blueheels – ELT
11. The Championship – My Darling
12. Flight – When You Wake Up Feeling Old
13. Surgeons in Heat – Summerteeth
14. The Daredevil Christopher Wright – In a Future Age
15. Chris DeMay with Edward Burch – Candyfloss
16. BONUS: Pezzettino and Allen Cote – Summerteeth (Alt. Version)

Download the whole thing at Muzzle of Bees.

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  1. Yes!!! My favorite Wilco album! The original is an underrated masterpiece. (In my opinion, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is great, but the production absolutely ruins a few of the songs for me… in their album version, at least.)

  2. thank you. thank you. u in illinois?

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