Sep 172010

Cover Commissions is a monthly series in which a featured artist covers a reader-selected song for this blog. Any artists interested in participating, contact us.

Avast, ye cover-lovin’ landlubbers, and cast yer deadlights this way, because I’m takin’ over this blog and there ain’t nothin’ to be done about it! As for the whereabouts of Ray, yer usual host, well, let’s just say he’s a little tied up, gagged, blindfolded and locked in a chest at the moment. Instead you get me, Black Dog Nate of Pirates For Sail, remindin’ you that September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and welcomin’ you to this all-pirate installment of Cover Commissions!

First, a bit of background. Under the incomparable leadership of our beloved Captain Molly the Crympe, Pirates For Sail has been navigatin’ the waterways and watering holes of Maryland and surrounding states since 2005. We’ve performed at Rock Hall’s Pirates and Wenches Fantasy Weekend, the Virginia Renaissance Faire, the Unicity Performing Arts Festival and dozens of other venues, some of which have even invited us back a second time. We’ve recorded two albums and are hard at work on the third. And we’re fueled almost exclusively by rum! If you’d like to learn more, pay us a visit.

You’ve heard our cover of Tom Lehrer’s “The Irish Ballad” here before, but if you haven’t, go ahead and listen now.

Perhaps you’d also like to watch us live in concert, singing “The Mary Ellen Carter,” by the legendary Canadian songwriter Stan Rogers:

So here’s how this whole Cover Commissions thing works. We’ve selected ten fine nautical-themed tunes that we’re willin’ to sing for ye. You vote for the one you’d most like to hear, and we’ll record the winner! Simple as that! Here’s the list of contenders.

[poll id=”4″]

Now get to votin’! You’ve got precisely one week to make yer selection, right up until midnight of Friday, September 24th. I’m gonna go check to see if I remembered to put airholes in that chest.

Yours in piracy,
Black Dog Nate
Vocalist and Ship’s Mutineer, Pirates For Sail

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  9 Responses to “Cover Commissions: Pirates for Sail. Arrgh, vote now!”

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  1. How the bloody hell do you vote?

  2. Scroll down to the poll (a little below the YouTube embed). Click the check box net to the song you’d like to vote for, then click the “Vote” button below the list of options.

  3. thanks. Last night, there was no vote button.

  4. Hmm, strange. Problem with the plugin I guess. Thanks for coming back!

  5. “In the Navy” would be hilarious, especially with some tweaking of lyrics, “Come Sail Away” would be another good one….
    “A pirate looks at 40” I can String Along singing very easily…..
    Oh so many choices—maybe you should do them all as a COVER album….but my mother still wants the pieces and Parts song on a CD —She tells me every time I say I am going to see you all that I need to tell Black Dog Nate that she loves that song and wants his Pirate Potato Head!!!!

  6. I’m voting Buffett, only because I’ve always been a parrothead. But I agree with the lass above; why do just one? The list would make a great cover album. When is the 3rd CD due out anyway? Inquiring minds want to know…
    Faire Winds mates

  7. pirates for sail rocks even though they dont make much money they get there share of rum

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