Aug 022010

If you use the Internet (and you clearly do), you probably know all about “Double Rainbow” video. If not, the always-helpful “Know Your Meme” series explains it. Go watch, then come back. It’s okay, we’ll wait.

Good, now we’re all on the same page. Musicians have been hitching their wagon to this meme with “Double Rainbow Song” covers aplenty. Here are the best.

“Neil Young” (aka. fantastic impersonator Jimmy Fallon) does a Harvest-era acoustic performance. Amanda Palmer goes cabaret on her webcam. RoxinPunch busts out some full on bluegrass harmonies which Michael Gregory/Schmoyoho (the man behind Auto-Tune the News) turns it into a club-ready dance track. Finally, Kevin Lien mashes it up with Justin Bieber in an acoustic cover, which seems an appropriate pairing.

Amanda Palmer – Double Rainbow Song
[youtube DcYHGlNUQvw]

“Neil Young” – Double Rainbow Song

The Gregory Brothers – Double Rainbow Song

The Colour of Infinity – Double Rainbow Song

Kevin Lien – Love Me / Double Rainbow Song (Justin Bieber/Hungrybear9562)

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  1. I think you are mistaken a bit in some of this.

    Your 3rd video is the Gregory Brothers ( doing a live performance of the Double Rainbow Song. They are the ones behind Auto-Tune the News and the Schmoyoho account.

    Your 4th video is not Schmoyoho, it is a cover. The original Double Rainbow Song by Schmoyoho is here:

    Also, the “Neil Young” one is not a cover of the Double Rainbow song, but a different double rainbow tribute song.


  2. Thanks for the corrections Jordan! I disagree about the Neil Young one though. The tune was turned Young-esq, but given that all of these are basically three phrases repeated ad nauseum, any song that uses them counts as a cover in my book. A cover of the original video, if nothing else.

  3. But you know that’s not really Neil Young, right. It’s Jimmy Fallon. Impressive impression of his voice though. ^_^

  4. Doh I can’t read. :(

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