Aug 302010

YouTube is filled with amateur cover “artists.” Most stink. On the ‘Tube extracts the exceptions.

We kick off a new Cover Me series today with Jordan Corey. A U.C. Santa Barbara sociology major, Corey posts cover videos to YouTube just like thousands of other wannabe viral stars. Only one difference: she’s really good. A big-voiced belter, Corey straddles the line between old-school soul and American Idol. Some serious pipes for a skinny white girl.

Accompanied by an old theater buddy on guitar, Corey’s releasing a series of stripped-down home recordings. Her wails and whispers take center stage as she belts tunes from the worlds of pop (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars), classic rock (Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles), and new soul (Adele, Amy Winehouse). We’ve got three of the best below, including the premiere of her cover of La Roux’s “Bulletproof.” She describes her version as “a little more rustic, a little more raw.” Often on YouTube that translates into “off-key karaoke filmed with a cell phone.” Corey’s a refreshing exception.

Jordan Corey – Bulletproof (La Roux cover) (Cover Me Premiere)

Jordan Corey – Come Together (The Beatles cover)

Jordan Corey – American Boy (Estelle ft. Kanye West cover)

Check out more Jordan Corey at her website, MySpace, or, naturally, YouTube.

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  1. Jordan. Ur a sexy musical lady. Keep being awesome!

  2. jordan, you are unique and have loads of talent. i love your music and will be watching you rise into a mega star!!! keep up the awesome creative process, you rock!

  3. Thank you so much for the great feedback! Lovin’ this article :D

  4. I won’t let you turn around
    And tell me now I’m much too proud
    All you do is fill me up with doubt..

    oh noes! you are missing the last part! But you do have a lovely voice :] keep on singing!

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