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By all rights Hanson should be in the Where-Are-They-Now file, but they never entirely vanished. A couple weeks back their latest album debuted at #30 which, while nowhere near their previous levels, still means a whole lot of people paid real money for a Hanson album in 2010. Real money that could have been spent for so many other causes. Here are some better uses of $15: Donate it to the Glenn Beck 2012 fund. Buy some gas to throw into the ocean. Shred it to line your cat’s litter box. What else?

“MMMBop” is widely (and rightly) considered a joke now, but at the time it was not only wildly popular, but critically acclaimed. It’s true. Rolling Stone, Spin, and VH1 called it one of the best songs of 1997. The Village Voice’s annual Pazz and Jop critic poll called it the best song of 1997. Wow.

Israeli quintet ProjectRNL recently recorded a “VideoSong” of the only Hanson tune anyone who didn’t buy the album knows. Their version blends a cappella, metal, jazz, and a ton more for a very different take on the song.

Project RNL – MMMBop (Hanson cover)
[youtube JInsWHhwHXs]

Check out more Project RNL at their YouTube page.

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  1. Yes, Hanson are still around, and they are not going anywhere! They have a huge fan base, not just teeny boppers anymore. Young to old enjoy their music. They are true musicans, song writers, entertainers, and are absolute musical geniuses. Don’t pre-judge Hanson based on MMMBop, even though that is still a HUGE song, and always will be. They are adults, husbands, and fathers, their music is not defined by MMMBop anymore. They just released their 5th studio album this year, finishing up their 2010 3 leg tour, not to mention all the barefoot 1 mile walks they, and others do to help fight poverty and aids in Africa. (www.takethewalk.net) They also have their own record label, 3CG Records. Hanson are completely independent, they are in charge of themselves, and they have been a huge success, and will continue to be just that. So they aren’t just known for MMMBop now, they have so much other great stuff going on. check them out at http://www.hanson.net

  2. What Misty said! : ) Take into consideration that they have been shunned the mainstream industry and have continued making music and putting out material and touring the world out of their own pocket and to still continues hundreds of thousands and millions in some cases, after 20 years of being a band, makes it all the more impressive, in my opinion.

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